Festive Fun: Presents

I assembled a number of presents to wrap and put in sparkly bags, ready to give to friends – one was a cymbal playing monkey – like the one which appears in a short story by Stephen King – I couldn’t manage a Monkey’s Paw but I thought this would be an acceptable substitute. While I was wrapping some Bad Taste Bears – difficult because they tended to be pointy and one kept losing her cane I heard the bell on the monkey’s hat give a small chink, and realised that the cat Boris, misled by the creature’s fur, had mistaken it for legitimate prey. Luckily I was able to rescue it before it was seriously nibbled, so Boris transferred his attentions to a wooden skeleton, cheerfully decorated for the Mexican Day of the Dead. It rattled and he wanted to play with it. He seemed so determined I might have let him take it if it hadn’t been a bit expensive for a cat toy, intended for someone else, and bound to fall to pieces if he had it for five minutes. So I requested him to get off the table and leave things alone. But he did not go far. Moments later I was startled to see the skeleton making it’s way jerkily across the table…and mercifully realised that Boris was pulling it.

I took it away, and hastily wrapped it in festive paper…Boris sulked.

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