The Carnival is Over

I used the last of the Christmas ham to flavour last night’s dinner of cabbage and lentil soup. Now is the time to think seriously about New Year Resolutions. I shall certainly renew last year’s which was to drink more rum, but I have added a general category of Getting on with Stuff. Never again shall I find myself approaching the end of the year with so much undone.

So – I have booked an eye-test (after only three reminders) made an appointment at the foot clinic (two reminders) and a check up at the dentist’s (who give up after the first letter and who can blame them). I have written four thousand words of a possible sequel to Zamorna which can possibly be stitched in to the parallel rather than sequel material I already have…and I have three titles for short stories which only require plots, characters and – everything – to be written. So:

Lady Mary, When She Danced.

‘Ye Hae Lien Wrang, Lassie’

Jelly Donuts Ruined Me for Ever

will be written before the end of 2014. In the last Christmas reference: “Oh yes they will!”

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