Book Seven

In Nigel Jarrett’s Spectres of Innocence a son and daughter help their grieving father start afresh after the death of their mother. He moves into an old rectory with a troubled history. Unsettling events begin to unravel: who is the woman keeping their father company? And what might be pushing the empty swing on a still summer’s day?

Ever walked into a building and felt the hairs on the back of your neck prick up? Two travellers rent an old apartment but one becomes convinced it harbours something – a grudge, a dislike, perhaps it wants her out? Or is it just the intense heat closing in around her in Mark Blayney’s peculiar tale Straits Eclectic.

Catrin Kean spins a yarn of an old woman who lives alone on the old family farm by the sea. She is visited by a couple who want to buy her home. She agrees…

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